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The Affordability Committee and NCPIRG partnered to produce a Textbook Affordability Pledge to help support Carolina’s mission to remain affordable in all facets.

More affordability resources can be found here. You can also sign the online pledge below!

Main Objectives of the Pledge:

  • To Recognize the overall costs for students when considering course materials.
  • To Research and consider more affordable options for course materials, including open educational resources (OER), course packs, and online
    UNC Library Materials, on a semesterly basis.
  • To Support UNC’s stated goal to deliver education at the highest level of quality in a cost-effective manner when selecting course materials.
  • To Communicate with students in a timely manner concerning course material needs and the most affordable methods of purchasing these materials.
  • To Share good practices and affordable options for course materials options with other faculty members and encourage the development of
    OER Resources.
  • To Act by working to lower the cost of course materials without sacrificing educational quality.

Textbook Pledge

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