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Open Educational Resources, or (OERs), are teaching/learning resources that are either in the public domain or have been released under a license that allows free use, revision, and duplication.


OER Textbooks & Courses

  • Popular OER websites
  • Open Textbook Library: This site offers you free, peer-reviewed and openly licensed textbooks in major academic subjects, such as physical science, computer science, and social sciences. There are also textbooks on law, medicine, journalism, student success in college, and media studies.

Textbooks are created by qualified and dedicated professors from various U.S institutions, and you can even sign up to get updates on new books. The best part about this website is that you can filter through resources, and the majority of books have reviews and ratings to make selection easy!

  • OER Commons: This repository has free textbooks on higher and vocational education that are searchable by subject, level, and material type. Besides textbooks, you have lectures, full courses, activities, and labs, simulations and modules, game-based learning,  and even study guides. There are also many specific groups for various topics, such as STEM subjects, where you can share and have access to more resources.


  • Openstax: As the previous sites, it also offers free textbooks in all academic topics, including AP classes. Along with textbooks, are videos, modules, collections, and even community created contents.  Textbooks are downloadable as pdf or on Kindle.


  • MIT OpenCourseWare: MIT gives you free access its undergraduate and graduate courses. Besides courses, the website is full of educational materials, such as multimedia contents, lecture notes, seminars, tutorials, and even students projects, to guide, and help you succeed through your academic journey. You can also find on the online site textbooks searchable by course title, material type, and level.


  • Project Gutenberg: First even producer of free e-books online, Project Gutenberg offers you thousands of e-books readable online or downloadable on various topics that are searchable by category and bookshelf. You will find on the site the world’s great literature books as well as significant philosophy, linguistics, and historical books.


Other Useful OER sites

  • College Open Textbooks: It contains peer-reviewed books general academic topics such as applied sciences, and statistics and probability.
  • EdX: It offers courses and degrees in all academic disciplines.
  • Google Books: It offers a wide variety of books in all disciplines.
  • Orange Grove: The Florida repository helps you find books for your higher, vocational, and continuing education. It also has some great books in health science, and visual and performing arts.
  • MERLOT: The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching contains a multitude of peer-reviewed educational resources ranging from courses to journals and articles for all educational audiences in various formats.
  • The Teaching Commons: This site contains general academic topics findable by material type, institution, and subject area.
  • Open Yale Courses: Yale makes available to the public free selected courses in liberal arts disciplines and general education. Do not offer degrees, course credits, or certificates.
  • Open University: The UK-based website offers certificates and degrees across a variety of academic subjects, such as physical sciences, humanities, technology, business, and environmental sciences.
  • Open2Study: There are over over 140 free and accredited courses from Australian universities on various academic topics on this website.


OER by Topic

Accounting & Finance/ Business/ Economics


Computer science/ Engineering

  • Earth Sciences
  • Humanities


Physical Sciences


Big Science Repositories

  • NSDL: National Science Digital Library: This repository gathers all possible online open resources from various providers in all STEM disciplines. Resources are browsable by education level, resource type, and subject. Even though most resources are free on this site, there are also some that have some cost associated with them.


Other Important Science Repositories




Social Sciences






   Big OER Repositories

It can be daunting to find an OER online due to the sheer volume of resources. The following are large OER repositories that combine and classify all available online OERs to help make your search easy.



  • Open Culture: It contains massive open courses, and lectures from different universities on various academic disciplines, including astronomy, classics, languages, and environment.