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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of life, from public health to personal finances, and the Affordability Committee recognizes the impact that the pandemic has on students’ ability to pay for their living and learning experiences. We are all following the situation very closely, as sweeping policy changes can occur day by day. Use this page to see how the pandemic has affected the cost of attending UNC and to make informed decisions.



Spring 2020 

The campus operations came to a halt in mid-March to curb the spread of COVID-19, disrupting many services that students already paid for. While fees and tuition were not fully or partially refunded, UNC confirmed in this statement on March 30th that housing and meal plan contracts were modified to allow for prorated refunds corresponding to the specific cost of the plan. The University has already issued such refunds, and if you had a meal plan or housing contract in the Spring 2020 semester and haven’t received a refund, please contact or (for meal plan questions).



Fall 2020

Dining: As opposed to previous semesters, there are only three options for meal plans, and dining halls only serve students with meal plans. The three options are 6 meals/week plus $200 additional funds (to be spent at campus convenience stores and non-dining hall food facilities), 14 meals/week plus $100 additional funds, or 21 meals/week plus $50 additional funds. The plan prices are $2,430, $2,130, and $1,500, respectively. For more information about these plans, view our page on dining affordability.


Housing: There are limited housing options this semester. Similar to last semester, risks of losing funds due to being forced back home in avoidance of COVID-19 are reduced by a Carolina Housing promise to give prorated refunds.


PPE: In response to concerns about affordable access to personal protective equipment (PPE), UNC administrators issued a statement that the university will provide PPE to all non-remote students and staff. As of 6/26/20, UNC has yet to disclose whether an increase in fees covers these provisions.