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Welcome to UNC’s Affordability site!

Explore our pages to discover resources for students regarding the affordability of campus assets, learn more about funding opportunities, or understand initiatives that are being promoted by the Affordability Committee of UNC Undergraduate Student Government.

Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources (OERs) are free resources that can help supplement your education. These online resources can be accessed by you anywhere. See a list of some of them here.


Financial Literacy Resources

There are a plethora of financial literacy resources in existence both UNC-specific and otherwise. We have compiled several that stood out as particularly beneficial to Carolina students and their families.

Financial Literacy

Third Party Resources

While official resources are important, students have come across several third-party resources that are quick and easy ways to save money at Carolina. We have highlighted several below.

Third Party



See a list of scholarships that can help cover the cost of education.






is how much each student will pay in mandatory student fees this year.


See what you are paying for




Find out what kind of nutritional resources are available to you.


On Campus Off Campus